Online Marketing

In 2014 we became a representative of the marketing company Aqua Digital for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agua Digital are specialists in online communication. They use interactive tools, create digital strategies, communicate quickly and trendily. They create new forms in electronic communication, increase performance and efficiancy of campaigns.

Why Aqua Digital?

Success depends on a quality and professional team of experts and specialists.

Competence in marcom, Internet, project management & programming.

They are a reliable partner for our clients.

Innovation is a key factor for benchmarking.

The key to successful projects are details, we do not lower our requirements

The most important reason why our company cooperates with Agua Digital is revering the same values that form the common essentials for both of us. These are mainly:

  • Client comes always first.
  • Working with us is refreshing to them.
  • Customers are the ones that matter.
  • With end customers we build positive emotional bond.
  • People are key element of company.
  • It is joy for us to live and work.

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