Social Research

Expiscore Consulting participated in sociological research EU projects in the years 2010 – 2012. Our domain Istraž is the place where you can find research of social, economic and political situation in BiH, which aims to identify the main problems and dangers for BiH and its citizens.

The first project called “My neighbor and I” was implemented in Tuzla Canton in 2010.
The results of the research we bring you completely, you can see them in the section Publications.

Research on this topic, in BiH, has never been conducted before, and we believe that it is of great importance to quantify and further explain the type of problems one citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina encounteres , and finally examine what needs to be done to improve the situation.

In early 2011, we begun a similar project in the territory of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

In addition to the implementation of the projects, we perform the analysis of the collected data, and offer them to all relevant institutions to review as well as to other interested parties.

Our main activities:

  • Gathering all relevant data through questionnaires published on certain web sites.
  • Data gathering through stuctural interviews
  • Interpretation of collected data
  • Publishing the research results
  • The overall assessment of strengths and weaknesses of project proposed strategies for achieving goals
  • The identity of respondents is known to us, as researchers, to form a representative sample, but will not be published in the research results.

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