Tuzla L!VE

Internet portal Tuzla L!VE was initiated in 2006, and today it is the one of most visited and certainly the most actual Tuzla’s web site. Every day we provide a large amount of current information from region Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina and world.
TuzlaLive is known as independent media, with no political or ruling party influences whatsoever.

Tuzla L!VE has been divided into segments:

  1. Vijesti-  the most actual Tuzla and world news
  2. Sport – actual Tuzla and world sport news
  3. Info –  Services, Weather news, Exchange rate etc.
  4. Teme – Photos, Videos, Letters etc.
  5. Kolumne – Comments, Interviews, Others write
  6. Magazin – Business, Lifestyle, Showbiz, Technology etc.

Every day Tuzla L!VE is visited by more then 3000 unique internet users from all around the world, who daily visit more than 70.000 pages. We employ highly experieneced journalists, some of them are also engaded in printed media. They cover relevant information and publish them almost every hour, every day. We also take pride in our wide diversity of news categories, and most visited are sports, politics, society and columns.

Almost every published information has been commented by our visitors, they tend to develop somewhat extensive discussions in that segment. This is why we dropped the idea of Forum disscusions, simply because, allowing comments prooved to be a better and more acceptable practice.

We take pride in what we do, broadening the independent media scope in much “infected” region, in terms of human rights, freedom of speech, protecting the minorities, etc.
Also, we hope to continue doing so, for many years to come.

more information: tuzlalive.ba