Our intention is to introduce a a business idea to the market of Southeast Europe, in countries in transition, based on improvement of living conditions and protection of the consumer. Services associated with verification of the origin of vehicles are carried out in cooperation with the Czech company CarDetect, our strategic partner, which provides this kind of service in the entire territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1997.

The significance and importance of this activity is shown through roster of clients including:

  • GE Capital Leasing
  • VB Leasing
  • ŠkoFIN (Škoda Leasing)
  • CCB Finance
  • HVB Leasing
  • Hundreds of car dealerships in Europe

Verification of the origin of vehicles is carried out on the basis of 17-digit number (VIN) in the information system CAR DET. The system covers all the countries of Central and Western Europe, the USA and Canada and is certified with ISO 9001. Verification of origin of vehicles is done by the request of the client, and the result of the verification is the certificate that guarantees the origin of the vehicle. This certificate protects you from buying a stolen car, the car in which was declared a total loss, a car that has a non-existing chassis number and similar irregularities.

The Agency shall, within this system guarantee the legality of their clients verified vehicle, and in case of failure of the agency itself and seizing a car by police, the agency will bear the full cost of seized vehicles. The resulting certificate is valid for the verified vehicle regardless of its movement and possible change of owner.

The need for this type of agency is the largest in countries where the import and sale of used cars is on the rise, and where the practice has shown that a significant number of imported vehicles has illegal origins. Such circumstances are currently Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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