"Days of Czech children film" in B&H

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina has organized "Days of Czech children's film" for the second time, and in four B&H cities. Visitors have had an opportunity to watch Czech children movies from 2nd to 6th June in Sarajevo in UNITIC cinema, from 11th - 15th June in Banja Luka (within the Short Film Festival "KRATKOFIL"), from 18 - 21 June in Zenica and from 01 - 07 July in Mostar (within the International Cultural festival). One of the partners in the organization is Foundation Kriterion. Entrance to all screenings was free.

Czech film production for children is known for its high artistic quality.

The Journal of Czech Children film was an opportunity to offer children in B&H a Czech production as an alternative for the US, which has a big presence in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian area.

This year's animated films selection:
  • Adventures / experiences /of a mole and his friends, ages 2-8 years, (two series of short films each 60 minutes)
  • Feature film "Luna park came to us" (Bosnian subtitle, 80 min)
  • Two series of short films, (35 format, without dialogue, duration 60 minutes)
All films shown were created from the 50's to the present day and were directed by the owners of the high recognitions from festivals in Cannes, Venice and San Francisco. (Vera swims - Simko, Jiří Trnka, Břetislav Pojar, Zdeněk Miler, Václav Bedřich, Karel Zeman). Entrance to all screenings was free.

Partners of the Embassy of the Czech Republic for this event in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the second time as in previous years are, Unitic Bussines Center, Kriterion Foundation, the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic, Napredak, Zenica Museum, Kratkofil, OKC Abrašević. The event was financially supported by Geotest Brno, OHL ZS and Expiscore Consulting.