Rewriting Reality

A collection of comments, articles, reviews and essays published by Tuzla's intellectual Mr. Dervis Čičko on the portal Tuzlalive.ba during 2014th , in which he dissects our reality, and gives us many reasons to think about various topics from our everyday life. The publication has several articles that have not been published before. In this book, you will find a summary of reflections of the author on current social issues: the tragedy, turmoil, protests, floods, and generally on political stench that suffocate us, and leads our country to the abyss. This book offered us the truth by which we can control our own destiny, and to buildour position and keep it from dirt which government throws at us, but sometimes we help them by omission, silence, passivity. The author offers a very important message for each of us : make your own desicions and use your head, do not allow someone else to tell you how to think. Company Expiscore Cosulting supported the author on its portal Tuzlalive.ba and we highly recommend this book.

more information: tuzlalive.ba