Foreign Investment

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Investment opportunities

This database has of more than 150 available investment projects throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to facilitate you in discovering your specific business interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Investment project can be searched by sectors and subsectors including agriculture, food processing, metal industry, automotive industry, tourism, energy sector, and many others. The projects are presented in shortened version with the basic information on project description, investment costs and forms of cooperation with foreign partners. If you have an interest for a specific project, we will be pleased to provide you with the contacts of project proposer and additional information on the project. We hope that this data base will suit your needs and help you in matching appropriate business partners for investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Investment opportunities

The Vietnamese government has published a list of investment projects up to 2020, which is looking for co-financing of foreign investors. We can find projects on transport infrastructure, energy, waste management, agriculture, as well as construction projects such as the construction of hospitals, universities or construction of manufacturing enterprises. Vietnam does not have adequate funding sources, and therefore the government wants to encourage foreign investment incentives in the ten years up to 300 billion USD. List of projects opens up tremendous opportunities for cooperation with this Asian tiger, while the Vietnamese side will require some form of co-financing. The most common form of cooperation can be used BT (Build – Transfer )or joint venture. Company Expiscore Consulting is ready to help you with any project in Vietnam.