Online marketing

Scope of business


Precise insights are cornerstones of success.

  • Web analytics (Google Analytics), SEO analysis
  • Research, focus group, qualitative research
  • Brand analysis & analysis of campaign performance
  • Identification & analysis of affinity spots
  • Dashboard for social networks monitoring
  • Competition analysis & analysis of customers’ perceptions of them
  • Analysis of influencers (ambassadors, haters, …)
  • Analysis of negative posts and PR recommendations
  • Data mining, data profilation, data segmentation
  • Target groups definition, segmentation, profilation


The most important is to set a goal and a way to reach it.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand strategy, positioning, targeting
  • Channel affinity, use of atypical channels
  • Creation of communication mix
  • Campaign plan and interaction with customers
  • Key messages, claims
  • Acquisition strategy, leads management
  • Motivational & loyalty programs


Creativity is a key. At least some time.

  • Key campaign or project idea
  • Creative application of idea, out-of-box thinking
  • Design, visual communication
  • Copywriting, connection to creative message, CS, SEO
  • Direct marketing, emailing, newslettery
  • One-to-one campaigns, B2B campaigns
  • Mobile campaigns, SMS, MMS
  • 3D graphics & animation
  • Content management


Best way to transform an idea into reality.

  • UX achitecture, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes
  • Coding XHTML, JS, CSS, HTML5 development
  • Flash animation, applications, banners
  • PHP programming, Java
  • Mobile applications (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • CMS implementation (licenced and opensource)
  • E-commerce solutions (eshops, B2B, …)
  • Web services (CRM integration, ERP, etc.)
  • Project service (helpdesk, support, development)
  • Project administration (hosting, emails, domains)


The most effective campaign is a performance campaign.

  • PPC campaigns in search engines & Facebook
  • SEO (code quality, content, linkbuilding, content, …)
  • Contests and events as a part of a campaign
  • Increasing efficiency (AB & multi-variant testing)
  • Continuous campaign analysis and growth opportunities
  • Content managemet & content planning
  • Interactive PR (reaction to customers comments in real time)

Social Media

How do you learn about your customers? Be active on social networks.

  • Facebook brand communication administration
  • Social networks monitoring, reports
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Facebook campaigns (PPC, etc.)
  • Social media contests, campaign support
  • Content management
  • Blogging, forums, commenting
  • Integration with other online channels